It is either  black or white nothing in the median . You can be extreme sad  at one time happy at the next whim. Cry for hours or laugh for a millennium  . Shout at the tip of your breath or seal your lips for an eternity . Either eat an 8 coarse meal or starve yourself to death . Either run for miles or rest your muscles to atrophy . Either  dream and hope like the sun will never set or be as despondent as a person on the death-bed never hoping of the sun to dawn . Either count the breaths you have or kill the breaths you never want.Either remember the memories that warm you or shun the thoughts that haunt you

There are extremes ,there are extremes of everything. Either the good sunshine one extreme or the bad ,dark and scary other extreme .

“Believe me there are just extremes of everything .Either your fucking happy or your hell depressed”
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Either your proud or yourself or your screwed fed up of yourself. It’s just extremes sweetheart extremes and the roller-coaster ride we experience while travelling between these two extremes during our lifetime is what keeps the thrill in life going high.

It’s either black or white  nothing in between .You live or die nothing in between .You break or you make nothing in between .

                         ”You hurt or you heal nothing in between . ”
You numb the pain or you heal the it nothing in between . The concept of eternal oblivion is shit. There is nothing as a vicious cycle of continuous suffering .It’s either pain or pleasure nothing in between . No suffering no heartache nothing just a binary solution ,a heartbeat or a heartbreak nothing in between , literally nothing damn in between .

                        ”No dilemma ,no liability , nothing in between.”

Either there’s a crest or there’s a trough . The sun dawns or it just drowns itself  in  the darkness .It’s either positive or it’s negative . It’s either an addition of hell or subtraction of comfort . You either save people and live like a hero or you practical destroy someones life shatter their existence and die as a villian

”Two extremes one or another , two choices not options either taken or not, two ends one if not the other and if one than definitely not the other .”
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Quantum-Physics-in-Spirituality_01 Here goes the story of a girl somewhat of a ludicrous. A beautiful  contradiction or should   I say a paradox between finesse and rawness. Her personality a sweet physical consequence of the traits in her.

“Neither was she brave nor a hopeless coward but a timid and faithful dreamer”

Who had not much but enough faith to drive her life to excellence not perfection . Pursue her dreams but not that particular amount of credence to gravitate those dreams onto others, instead be a source of inspiration. The roller-coaster of her life kicked off the moment she started to realize that she had to become an influential and phlegmatic lady not a carefree girl.Her ambitions had changed and her passion was fueled by the desire to become a somewhat respectable and a noticeable alumni.The course of her journey began with many obstacles awaiting for her . The obstacles that came in her way were not of the usual or normal types like financial problems or the environmental factor and possibly  not her family but her biggest obstacle was herself .


Her solo existence was her problem. Her existence as quoted by others was humble,elegant and soft centered but her personal opinion contradicted with the general opinion of others about her . And this contradiction gave rise to a paradox ,a paradox between her intimate opinions about herself versus the public outlook opinion. With all  of the biasing contradiction and differential accusations that her primal living was becoming more of a battle ground where a bloody civil war was fought not between  two enemies or foes but   between self cathartic voices and accusative  ideas.


A fine and raw battle with collateral damage  but the sad part was that the only collateral damage that occurred was within her and not without . All of the  rabble and the ruins made and buried within her . All of this destruction ,annihilation and collateral damage caused no physical or materialistic damage but resulted in the melting of her heart.

Her heart under such an aggressive a battle and attack had become an amalgamate ; An amalgamate of empathy,compassionate, humbleness,resilience, studiousness and on top of it all compassion

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A gift or as others would say a curse to feel for others. To feel what they lack and a sense of giving rather than taking ,giving others the solace they crave , a shelter from the demons that haunt them from within most agonizingly than from without . A haven from all that causes them pain ,angst and suffering .



Her existence slowly brewed itself  into an antidote ; a remedy for every malady be  mental or emotional, a holy potion to scour you from interior and cause harmony and consensus between the soul and the body .

She was a gateway between hell and heaven . Pulling people away from their personal hell into heaven.

Or more appropriately said a rejuvenating oasis in the middle of their parched, thirsty and burning desert like life . A north star to guide them towards their destiny and protecting them  from going astray . Despite of being a north-star she herself was lost . Lost to a place from where she could not be found

Elegantly Wasted

” Every thought of her pulled me  to  ecstasy, every atom  in my  body wanted  to collide with her thoughts . My existence solely wanted to hallucinate her thoughts, call it  love or infatuation or obsession but  her prescence was  lingering on my  mind ,on my living  to  an extent dominating  my soul .  I could  feel  the  heavy manipulation , the  tension she  created drew me  towards her. And all that I could do  was to  fall in her  gravity and  I did. It felt sweet like  the  pleasure that comes with  pain; in other  words bitter  sweet , sweet enough to  tempt you to delve you  for more but  bitter enough to  stop you from overdosing

All she  did was  epitomise the concept  of  eternity .

Her  smile  convinced  me  for  a second that  I  could kill time without  wounding  eternity but  here  I stood murdering time  and  leaving eternity to  bleed for  an  infinite extent.

Not  caring  of the consequences that  came  with  the concept of loving her . But all  that  I wanted  was for  somehow  the  idea, the  concept  , the theory of  loving her  to  condescend into  an  law  that  I  solely in  the  universe could  obey . Her  thoughts were an  addiction to  me  like a  drug  or  should  I  say my  personal  brand  of  heroine only  I  had  the  right  to  intoxicate  myself with . Pulling  me  from shallow breaths  to  higher  heights.

Inflicting  a love  that  was  pleasureable  yet  painfull .  All  that  I  could  do  was  overdose  again  and  again on  her  thoughts being  careless of  the  harm of  the  consequences that  could  scar  me . But I  was ready , I was ready  for  everything  that  I  had  to  endure  just  to  keep  her  thoughts  within me  , blossom and  burgeon with  every breath I  take with  every beat my  heart makes .

Although her  love was  ecstatic but  it  was  not my  fate; my  souls destiny to  intertwine with  her soul. There was  a difference , a  contradiction  that  somehow impeded me  to  accept her ; her love on the  other hand  was  anchored within  me . An apprehension  an  anxiety or  something  insignificant that  pulled me  back. That made  me  question  myself everytime Why  this  girl? Why  this significant female ? Why  does your  heart  desire her  presence? Why is  it that  she  appears  to  pull you  in her  gravity?

After  all the  intoxication  that  hwr  thoughts brought my  mind  questioned Is  she  more  than  just a  tease or  a  timely  infatuation ? or  more  like  a  paradox ;  a  well  established law that  could  not  be  obeyed

Loving her made  me  fell  empty like  they  say

“Sometimes you  feel  empty because  you leave  pieces  of  yourself  in things you  love”

But  loving  someone  doesn’t make  you  feel  empty it  just  lightens everything , it lightens the  soul and  the  mind.

At  the  end loving the  right person  at  the right  time does right things  to  right  people.

Whereas loving the  wrong  person in  right ways  at  the  wrong times does bad  things  to  right  people.

To  all  those  who  are  in this  excruciating  dillema do  remember that  loving  someone  isn’t an  apprehensive , anxietic or  guilt  worthy thing but in the way  you  do it  matters . Being  entagled in  every  word , thought or action  have  the  strenght to steer  through  it

And atlast

” Love  compassionately but  wisely ,

carefreely not  carelessly and above  it

all  with  honour  , integrity and

respect  Last  but  not  least  everyone is

not  worth  the  fight.  Pick  your  fights

and   stand  by  them.”


The Art Of Healing

At the end what happens is that you do not lose faith and let  go  of  the  things  that  hurt  you  or  weigh you down because  sometimes  you  are destined  to fly , not  to be  anchored  to  the  ground .  Let  go  of  the  things  that hurt  . I  do not  promise you  that it will be  easy or  quick   but  it  is  worth  it .  Worth  all  the catharsis  from the  pain , sufferage, the  mental entropy and  above all of  it , letting  go will bless you  with  mental  satisfaction .  That  is  what  should  be  never be  put  at  jeopardy  or  at  stalk  to anything  I don’t   promise  you  it  won’t  hurt in  the  beginning  or  it  won’t  emotionally  wreck  you  or  it  won’t  be  that labrynthine  or  it  won’t  be  that  sucky  or  it  won’t  be  that  mentally  screwy  . I  don’t  promise  you  that  letting  go  of  the  things  that  once  fuelled   your  passion ,  ignited  your  desire,  drived  your  soul  strenghtened  your  faith, boasted your  spirit ,made  your  body  feel  the  adrenaline rush  ,  or  cause  confidence to  surge  through  your  veins , lit  up  your  face  with  a  smile like  the  fireworks on the  fifth  of  july. Reasons  for  the  sun  to  dawn  on  you  eternally  and  never set.


But  when  these things  become sole  reason  to  hurt  the  hell out  of  you  or  be  a  reason  for  your  existence   to  ache  or  become  toxic  to  you  or  become  synergestic  bringing  pain   and  pleasure  simultaneoualy at  the   same  time  but  in  different  ways . They  need  to  be  abandoned  because  they  are  not  woeth  the  pain  and  damage  caused. The  collateral  damage  in  result  of  lingering  on to  just  a  moments  of ecstasy in  return  of  an  eternity  of  asphyxiation and  crises  is  not  a  price  payable.

Initially denying  to  pay  this  price  may  seem agonizing or  excruciating but  the  result  of  all  the  resistivity  and  letting  go  endows  us  the  holy  bliss  of  mental  satisfaction  and  spirtual  satisfaction  . Even  the  Quran  quotes that the  most  precious  blessing of  them  all  is  the  satisfaction  of  mind , heart  and  soul  . Such  satisfaction    satisfaction  produces  a  nexus  of  harmony  and accord  between  the  spirit  and  body  restoring   balance  in  a  persons  life .


Letting  go of  the  things  that  hurt you  saves  you  from  a  chain  of   emotional disheavalment  upknotted  to  the main  disorder .

After  all of  it, you  all  will be  like   ” Stop  this motivational  shit!”  but  one thing  I  assure you is that nothing is easy in the beginning and nothing is not painful be it physically ,emotionally or psyhcologically but the thing is that the reason causing it , Is it worth it? Are the results after enduring all of it worth it ? If not then holding on to it is like setting your soul on fire . Walking away from all of it isn’t either a good option but the best option is “Suffer through the labyrinth” let it go take a little baby step then a big leap then finally jump and let it go for good suffer through it . Let everyone know it doesn’t hurt anymore. If then it relys on us whether we choose to stay and set our soul and spirit on fire or walk away and enter the realm of peace and poise

Letting go doesn’t mean that you are weak rather it means that you are strong . Strong enough to kill the pain rather than numb it . Because numbing the pain isn’t the same as killing it or may i quote healing it . And letting go kills the pain , it sets everything free. It unlimites the human boundaries . It kills every cause of pain removing it in totality and wholly from the human existence. Breaking the nexus of suffering caused due to the bond of attachment to the pain . Attachment to all the aches and heartbreaks
As Buddha rightly says
” The root of suffering is attachment”

In all of it be brave suffer through it,suffer through the labryth ,own every moment you suffer and conquer the pain it wont be easy it wont be less painfull but it will be worth it believe me it will